Colombia: Nariño humanitarian overview and differentiated impact on specific groups
Created: 07/10/2022 +


In 2022, high levels of violence, poverty, and unmet basic needs have worsened the humanitarian crisis in the subregions of Telembí, Sanquianga, and Pacífico Sur in Nariño department. As at 31 August, armed conflict affected a total of 86,400 people in 45 events. In the same period, the conflict killed 12 human rights defenders, including one Afro-descendant and nine indigenous people, and armed groups committed five massacres affecting 17 people.

This report aims to provide an overview of the displacement and confinement situation and the differentiated impact on indigenous peoples and Afrodescendant communities observed between January–August 2022. It presents the main conflict dynamics in the subregions of Telembí, Sanquianga, and Pacífico del Sur in Nariño department.

This report is available in Spanish here.