Cameroon: Refugee influx from Nigeria
Created: 07/02/2019 +


At least 35,000 people from Nigeria – the majority of whom are women, children, and the elderly – have sought refuge in Cameroon from repeated Boko Haram attacks after security forces left Rann town (Kala Balge Local Government Area, Borno state) on 27 January. Most of the population left with them, heading towards nearby Goura town, Far North region, Cameroon where they have settled in makeshift camps and are in need of shelter. Rann was also home to a camp housing up to 80,000 IDPs displaced by Boko Haram’s Islamist insurgency. The refugees urgently need food, NFIs, water, shelter and medical assistance. There are protection concerns over refugees attempting to return to Rann to collect personal possessions.