Bangladesh: Covid-19 Explained, Rohingya report on the epidemic, the stories being told
Created: 17/07/2020 +


The prevalence and impact of COVID-19 in the camps today remains unclear and different sources of information paint different and conflicting pictures of the situation. 

This edition of COVID-19 Explained explores these reports to better understand how the Rohingya understand their experiences. It is both an exploration of what it could mean if the reports are true and what it means that the reports are believed to be true. The emphasis is on experiential understanding – people’s lived experiences – rather than scientifically verifiable data through a method such as testing. The testimonies are from researchers, their relatives, community leaders, and key contacts in the camps. Whether or not the illness is COVID-19, the exercise unveiled issues within the current response that discourage the Rohingya from seeking testing and treatment for COVID-19 symptoms and explains these fears.