Bangladesh: Covid-19 Explained, Rohingya patients report on health services (Illustrated version)
Created: 02/06/2020 +


COVID-19 Explained - Illustrated version contains nine stories of people seeking healthcare during the pandemic in full. Among the fifty-six stories collected during the research, nine were illustrated to try and convey the full context of what these people felt. We hope you they help transport you into the shoes of the story tellers for a brief moment. As feedback, many participants have said that simply sharing their stories has been a source of relief and have requested more of this activity – which they sometimes call “awareness raising” – the act of making us aware of them seemingly. Perhaps in sharing their nine stories it is also some service to them as much as it is awareness for us.

For more information see the report 'COVID-19 Explained, Rohingya patients report on health services'