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COVID 19: Secondary Impacts (09/09/2020) 

COVID-19: Government Measures Dataset (16/09/2020) | Visit our dashboard

COVID-19 Humanitarian Exemptions Dataset (26/05/2020)

Global level

COVID-19: Government Measures, Update IX (22/06/2020)

COVID-19: Humanitarian Exemptions to Government Measures (26/05/2020)

COVID-19: Key questions and information gaps (18/05/2020)covid_get_reports_button.png

COVID-19: Vulnerability to containment measures (21/04/2020)

COVID-19: Government Measures: Impact on Displaced Populations (16/04/2020)

COVID-19: Scenarios + Comparison table (10/04/2020) 

crisis level

COLOMBIA: Risk Overview (09/09/2020) 

MEXICO: COVID-19 and Migration (01/09/2020) 

BANGLADESH - COVID-19 Explained, series of reports by the ACAPS Cox's Bazar Analysis Hub (25/07/2020)

BANGLADESH: Short and long term impacts of existing COVID-19 containment measures in Rohingya refugee camps (07/07/2020)

NEPAL: COVID-19 and the return of migrants (12/06/2020)

BANGLADESH - rohingya response: Impact of COVID-19 on gender programming (08/06/2020)

VENEZUELA: COVID-19 outbreak overwhelms the health system (27/05/2020) | Access the report in Spanish

NIGERIA: Vulnerabilities to COVID-19 and containment measures (26/05/2020)

EAST AFRICA: Desert Locusts and COVID-19 (14/05/2020)

YEMEN COVID-19: State narratives, social perceptions, and health behaviours (04/05/2020)

BUKINA FASO, MALI & NIGER: Vulnerability to COVID-19 Containment Measures (29/04/2020) 

BANGLADESH - rohingya Response: Safe and dignified burials & COVID-19 (21/04/2020)

COLOMBIA COVID-19: Impact of Government Measures (16/04/2020) | Access the report in Spanish

YEMEN COVID-19: Risk update (09/04/2020)

SIERRA LEONE COVID-19: Anticipatory note (09/04/2020)

CAMEROON COVID-19: Anticipatory note (08/04/2020)

BANGLADESH - How will covid-19 impact a refugee camp? (30/03/2020)

BANGLADESH COVID-19: Risk for Rohingya Refugees (20/03/2020)

BANGLADESH COVID-19 & Health behaviours, Rohingya Response (03/04/2020)

Other reports

COVID-19: Quick impact survey on humanitarian operations (08/04/2020)


COVID-19: Analytical Framework

Upcoming reports

  • COVID-19: conflict dynamics
  • COVID-19 Global gender analysis
  • Rohingya Response: COVID-19 Risk update

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