Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Humanitarian Expert Network? 

HEN is a global network of field-based humanitarian experts that share real-time information about the impact of COVID-19 on their environment and response. ACAPS is launching this new initiative to collect real time insights from the field, to support global level response decision making in this unprecedented time. 

Why do we need this? 

COVID-19 will reshape the humanitarian landscape and create new humanitarian situations across the globe. Countries, communities, and cultures are facing unprecedented shifts as they adjust to the pandemic. HEN aims to gather a range of voices from the field to influence the global narrative and response planning to the COVID-19 crisis. HEN members’ experience, knowledge and understanding provides a valuable source of information about the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives, as well as the impact the crisis is having on the delivery of humanitarian programmes. The aim is to close the feedback loop between humanitarian actors in the field and global level decision makers. 

Who is a part of HEN? 

HEN is made up of field, regional and headquarters based humanitarians across the globe. Please spread the word to your colleagues and partners in local NGOs, international NGOs, UN agencies, front line service workers and local government, think tanks and academia who can help contribute vital perspectives on how COVID 19 is impacting on humanitarian outcomes and operations in their country or context.  

What do I get out of this? 

ACAPS will publish anonymised data in real time on our website from August 2020. We will also use the data to help shape global narratives and response planning. Use the HEN network to get your voice, and the needs and priorities of your context, into the global debate. Use the HEN data to learn how COVID 19 is impacting on humanitarian outcomes and humanitarian operations across the globe. 

How will the information be shared? 

We will publish HEN data in real time on our ACAPS website. Coming soon! 

Will HEN be available in other languages? 

We will also launch the HEN in Arabic, Spanish and French. Coming soon! 

How much time will I have to spend on this? 

Three minutes a week to fill in an online survey once a week. If you want to get involved to a greater degree – provide feedback or advice or propose new topics -  please contact We’d welcome that!  

Will the questions ever change?  

Yes. For the first stage of the HEN we will ask you the same questions each week. This allows us to build up a baseline picture of what COVID 19 needs look like in different contexts and how this is changing over time. After that, we will start developing tailored surveys for specific areas, or tailored to HEN members with particular thematic or sectoral expertise, to help build a more detailed understanding of needs in particular areas. You can suggest topics for further surveys by emailing 

What about privacy and will you sell my data? 

HEN is confidential. You do not have to provide your details to participate. If you do choose to provide your details to get regular updates, we will keep your personal data confidential and stored in a secure server. ACAPS is GDPR compliant. The names, positions and organisations of contributors will not be published.  ACAPS is a humanitarian non-profit and we will not sell your data to a third-party.  

To find out more, read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Service

Haven’t you already launched the HEN before? 

Yes, we first launched the HEN on 6 April 2020. We got some good feedback from our most dedicated users and are now relaunching the network with a new, easier to use interface and easier to access data. We will be adding new languages shortly and also look forward to working more closely with the network to develop tailored products on issues of interest to HEN members. 

How do I provide feedback or leave the network? 

If you have questions or feedback, email and we will be sure to get back to as soon as possible. You can always choose to leave the network and we will immediately take you off the mailing list and not contact you again. Simply reply to the email saying “unsubscribe.” 

Is HEN data reliable? 

HEN analysis is a synthesis of the opinions of experts, familiar within their humanitarian context, who are able to give an accurate pulse of the situation in the communities that they know and work in. It is not a representative sample – which would be close to impossible to do in a timely manner. 

What is your analytical framework? 

You can find the COVID-19 analytical framework here.  We aim to add additional understanding to this framework over time with insight gained from HEN responses and other areas of ACAPS analysis.  This will allow us to better categorise specific areas of focus most relevant to field-level humanitarians.  

Can I get access to HEN data for my own research? 

Probably yes. ACAPS is not for profit humanitarian analysis organisation. We want to help the humanitarian community make better use of data. We support open data. If you want to get access to HEN data for your own analysis, contact us on We will work with you to try to find a way to get the data to you, while protecting the confidentiality of our members.