Vietnam: Drought and saltwater intrusion
Created: 13/02/2020 +


The Mekong Delta is the most important food production area in Vietnam. The region, lying in the coastal area, is naturally prone to saltwater intrusion, a problem aggravated by the recently more frequent droughts occurring during the dry season (December-April). Eight of twelve provinces in the Mekong Delta region are reported to be at risk. In January 2020 the province of Ben Tre has declared an environmental emergency due to the degree of the intrusion. Damages to farming areas are expected to be less serious than those that occurred in 2015-2016, as authorities and farmers have taken measures to cope with the situation in the 2019-2020 dry season, such as early rice plantation, embankments to store irrigation water, new water pipes and upgraded irrigation systems.


Vietnam: Tropical Storm Damrey
Created: 09/11/2017 +


Tropical Storm (Category 4) Damrey made landfall in Vietnam on the morning of 4 November along the south-central coastal region, particularly affecting Khanh Hoa province. 48 deaths have been reported, with an additional 11 people missing. Over 1,300 homes have been destroyed and over 122,000 partially damaged. An estimated 500,000 people have been affected in these provinces and 24,000 remain displaced in evacuation centres. Over 12,000 hectares of agricultural land have been flooded and extensive damage to marine based livelihoods has also been reported. All five south-central provinces are reporting flooded roads and as a result limited access to some areas. One of the five provinces (Phu Yen) has had power restored while the other provinces are still partially without power. Three reservoirs have reported to be operating flood discharge due to high water levels.