Greece: Fires and COVID-19 caused displacement in Lesvos
Created: 13/10/2020 +


This report is an update to initial reporting on the situation on Lesvos (Displacement in Lesvos 22/09/2020) and provides greater detail regarding the risk of COVID-19 in camps. Between 8 and 10 September, fires broke out in three different spots in the Moria Reception and Identification Centre (RIC), Lesvos, resulting in the displacement of more than 12,000 inhabitants.The fire also destroyed a COVID-19 medical facility and interrupted all medical services for the refugees. NGOs have repeatedly raised concerns about the potential for fires in overcrowded camps after a six-year-old girl was killed in Moria and after 200 people were displaced in Samos when part of the camp burned down. 

Greece: Displacement in Lesvos
Created: 22/09/2020 +


On 9 September fires broke out in three different locations inside the Moria Refugee camp, resulting in displacement of all its inhabitants across the island of Lesvos. The Moria camp is one of Europe's largest refugee camps. Although its official capacity is only 2,600 it was estimated to be hosting approximately 13,000 refugees before the fire broke out. 


Middle East - EU Migration: Scenarios
Created: 09/02/2017 +


ACAPS and the Mixed Migration Platform have produced a new set of Middle East–EU migration scenarios, outlining possible developments in migration via Turkey and Greece over the next six months.

Following scenario-building workshops in Brussels and Antakya in January and February, five scenarios were identified:

-              Continued restricted migration

-              Number of asylum-seekers in Greece falls

-              Number of asylum-seekers in Greece increases

-              Increased returns to Syria

-              Increased movement into Turkey

The report outlines triggers that could drive these scenarios, as well as the impact and humanitarian consequences of each scenario.