Due to lack of data available, the scale and scope of humanitarian needs in Venezuela cannot be accurately assessed following ACAPS methodology. However, the ongoing economic crisis has led to a deterioration of the overall humanitarian situation in the country. For this reason, ACAPS is monitoring closely the situation in Venezuela and will on ad hoc basis publish reports. Venezuela will remain categorized as “no severity”. 

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Latest Developments

12/02: On 6 February, Venezuela’s national guard blocked the Tienditas international bridge to prevent cargos of humanitarian aid from entering the country from Colombia. On 11 February, opposition leader Juan Guaidó reported that the first shipment was delivered to Venezuela.?

29/01: According to the NGO Foro Penal, 35 people were killed by government forces during demonstrations protesting Maduro’s regime from 21–27 January. In addition, 850 people were arrested, including 77 adolescents, and 703 were imprisoned. ?

21/01: The number of Venezuelans fleeing their country is expected to reach 5.3 million by the end of 2019. The economic situation will likely continue to deteriorate, with the inflation rate predicted to reach 10,000,000% in 2019, a significant increase from the 1,700,000% at the end of 2018 ?