Tanzania is fighting a cholera outbreak since 2015, although the general trend of reported cases has been decreasing since September 2018. Overall, 4,593 cholera cases and 84 deaths were reported in 2018.?

In January 2019 a new outbreak of anthrax was declared in a village in Ndalambo Ward, Songwe region. By 10 January, 81 cases including four deaths (CFR 5%) were reported. Anthrax outbreaks have been reported over several years in Tanzania, and is among the notifiable diseases. Some of the areas with the most reported incidences over time are Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions.?

As of November 2018 there were some 287,088 refugees and 40,635 asylum seekers registered in Tanzania, of whom 74.1% originate from Burundi and 25.7% from DRC. The vast majority live in Nyarugusu, Nduta, and Mtendeli camps in the northwest of the country.? 

For 2019, INFORM rated Tanzania's risk of humanitarian crisis as high, at 5.6/10.? 

Latest Developments

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