The geographical location of Papua New Guinea means that the country is vulnerable to the affects of El Niño and natural disasters. El Niño is likely to cause drought and may trigger food insecurity. ? The location on the “Ring of Fire”, on the margins of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates, means that PNG is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In February 2018, the Highland Earthquake affected 544,000 people, 270,000 of whom are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

INFORM measures PNG's risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster as ‘high', 5.5/10, and its coping capacity index is 7.6/10.?

Key priorities

Shelter: Around 54,260 households are reported to be in need of shelter assistance.

Food Security: 143,127 food insecure people.

Health: 143,100 people estimated to be in need of psychosocial support.

Information Gaps and needs

  • Assessments are ongoing and specific information on sectoral needs is not yet available. Some areas remain inaccessible.