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Mozambique is experiencing a reverberating effect of extreme climate and weather conditions. Most of southern Mozambique received no rainfall for 6 weeks between December 2019 and January 2020, prolonging an already dry spell accompanied by severely high temperatures. This was coupled with poor germination after the rains, leading to permanent wilting of crops especially when the dry seasons returned in mid-January.? 

Areas yet to recover from tropical Cyclones Kenneth and Idai have further been hit by flooding, intensifying food loss and humanitarian needs. Heavy rainfall which began in January 2020 is now destroying planted crops, reducing the ability and capacity of farmers to store up extra food for the lean season. Over 2 million people are projected as severely food insecure.?

Lack of recovery from one humanitarian crisis before another arises is decreasing resilience capacity among affected populations with women and children. Humanitarian organisations working in the southern African region have shared the risks of young girls been married off or having to exchange sex for food in order to cater for their families.? Damaged roads, dams, and bridges are hampering humanitarian logistics and decreasing access to affected populations. A large percentage of the population do not have adequate access to health, drinking water, and sanitation facilities.

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