Mauritania suffers from recurrent and chronic food security challenges affecting particularly poor households in rural areas in south, central, and eastern parts of the country. Poor rains in 2017 led to a large increase in the number of food insecure (379,000 people compared to 126,000 in 2017) and exacerbated malnutrition. 830,000 people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance during 2018. Mauritania hosts over 50,000 of refugees who have been fleeing the violence in Mali since 2012.?

INFORM measures Mauritania’s risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster to be very high, at 5.5/10. The lack of coping capacities in the country are of particular concern.?

Key priorities

Food security and the provision of emergency assistance to vulnerable households through the lean season.

Nutrition support to women and children in refugee and vulnerable local communities.

Information Gaps and needs

No information on the needs and movements of IDPs displaced due to natural hazards. No information on the humanitarian access restrictions.

Key documents

2018 Sahel Overview of Humanitarian Needs and Requirements