Mauritania has longstanding food security challenges, which has contributed to malnutrition, most of which are in the south and eastern parts of the country.? This is compounded by over 50,000 Malian refugees who fled violence since 2012. However, food security is improving, with only few pockets of Stressed (IPC 2) food security outcomes between June and September 2017, and Minimal (IPC 1) food security outcomes expected for the whole of the country between October 2017 and January 2018. ?Therefore, it was categorised as No Severity in the Global Emergency Overview as of 2 August. While the crisis analysis is no longer updated, ACAPS continues to monitor Mauritania on a weekly basis due to its underlying vulnerability.

Key figures

  • 281,157 People food insecure
  • 42,000 Malian refugees in Mbera camp
  • 120,000 Malnourished children

Key priorities

Food security and the provision of emergency assistance to vulnerable households through the lean season.

Nutrition support to women and children in refugee and vulnerable local communities.