On 11 October, tropical Cyclone Titli made landfall on the coast of Andhra Pradesh before moving north-west, crossing north Andhra Pradesh and south Odisha with maximum winds of approximately 165 kmph. Strong winds and heavy rainfall have damaged around 29,000 houses and disrupted roads, communication and electricity supply across Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states, as well as tens of thousands of hectares of crops. Some 360,000 people, particularly from low-lying and coastal areas, were evacuated, but only 9,000 were still in relief centres as of 16 October. ? For more information on the impact of the cyclone go to the Special Reports tab to find our Briefing Note.

India is prone to flooding and landslides. In August 2018, Kerala state has experienced the worst monsoon season since 1924, with exceptionally heavy rainfall (170% above normal). As of 28 August, over 1.4 million people have been forcibly displaced to 5,645 temporary camps, 480 people were killed, 140 injured, and 15 are missing. ? Go to the Special Reports tab to find our Briefing Note on the crisis.