Côte d’Ivoire is recovering from more than a decade of violent conflict, and the displaced are slowly beginning to return home. The most pressing issue is food insecurity: 76,000 people are are in need of assistance. A high rate of statelessness is a major protection concern and limits access to livelihoods.?? An estimated 700,000 people living in the country do not have any documented nationality.?

Economic improvements and a reduction in food insecurity point to an improving situation in Côte d’Ivoire. Although ranked as a Situation of Concern in the Global Emergency Overview until June 2016, Côte d’Ivoire is now prioritised as a situation of No Severity. ACAPS continues to monitor Côte d’Ivoire on a weekly basis, but updates are no longer regularly posted. It ranks 4.5 on the INFORM Risk Index.?

Key figures

  • 76,000 people in need of food assistance
  • 700,000 people estimated to be stateless