Conflict has resulted in over 500,000 internally displaced people, targeted killings along communal lines, and human rights abuses. Almost half of the population is in need of assistance. Protection, humanitarian access, and food security are priority needs, yet needs continue to exceed available resources. Delivery of aid is expected to continue to decline because funding remains low, and humanitarian access is restricted in large parts of the country.

Since November 2016, fighting among ex-Seleka as well as with anti-balaka in central CAR has resulted in large numbers of displaced, as well as access and protection concerns. Fighting is moving south, with clashes in Haute Kotto, Basse-Kotto, Haut Mbomou, and Mbomou the deadliest since the division of the Seleka faction in 2014.

INFORM measures CAR's risk of humanitarian crisis and disaster to be extremely high, at 8.4/10. CAR's vulnerability is of particular concern.?

Latest Developments

25/07: Three peacekeepers have been killed in Bangassou, Mbomou, from 23-25 July. Insecurity has increased since 21 July, with high protection risks around the Muslim IDPs camp targeted by anti-balaka militia.?? 

25/07: 90% of humanitarian actors operating in Kaga-Bandoro, Nana-Grebizi, have not yet resumed their activities due to constant insecurity since early July.? 

23/07: Six organisation have interrupted their activities in Bangassou, Mbomou, due to increased insecurity caused by anti-balaka attacks against a Muslim IDPs camp.?

18/07: As of mid-July, due to continued threats to humanitarian workers by members of armed groups, several organisations have suspended their activities in Paoua. From 12-14 July, access to 14,000 people in need of assistance, near Bocaranga, was impossible due to one armed group preventing access.?

18/07: Growing insecurity in Amada Gaza, Mambéré Kadéi, following the withdrawal of MINUSCA forces from the town, has forced humanitarian actors to interrupt their activities on 11 July.? 

Key figures

  • 2,200,000 People in need of assistance  [?]
  • 1,100,000 People food insecure  [?]
  • 534,000 IDPs  [?]
  • 465,200 Refugees  [?]

Key priorities

Protection: Needs are particularly concentrated among IDPs and enclaved Muslim communities.

Humanitarian access: Poor infrastructure, armed groups’ control of the roads, and targeting of humanitarian actors limits access outside Bangui.

Food security: Insecurity prevents farmers from accessing their field. 

Information Gaps and needs

While there is often information about communities newly displaced by violence, updated information about their situation and needs is frequently lacking.

Limited information is available on needs in the north and east of the country.