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Syria Needs Analysis

Photo Credit: Christian Jepsen, NRC

ACAPS and MapAction established in December 2012 the Syria Needs Analysis Project (SNAP), which is a project aimed at supporting the humanitarian response in Syria and neighbouring countries by providing an independent analysis of the humanitarian situation of those affected by the Syrian crisis.

SNAP Team can be reached at :

SNAP is heavily reliant on organisations' willingness to share information, which in the Syrian context can be a sensitive issue. To address this, and ensure confidentiality, SNAP has developed a simple system for categorising information, available here.

Please note that our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

UPDATE - September 2014

Monthly Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

UPDATE - August 2014

Monthly Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report


Thematic Report

UPDATE - July 2014

July Quarterly Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

UPDATE - June 2014

Thematic Report

Monthly Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

UPDATE - May 2014

Monthly Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report


UPDATE - April 2014

April Quarterly Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

Thematic Report

UPDATE - March 2014

Thematic Report

UPDATE - February 2014

Thematic Report

February Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

UPDATE January 2014

Thematic Report

Assessment Report

Package of Maps for Syria

UPDATE - December 2013

Thematic Reports

November Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

UPDATE - October 2013

October Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

Thematic Report

External Review

UPDATE - September 2013

September Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

Needs Assessment Lessons Learned

Scenarios, September 2013

Thematic Report: Syrian Border Crossings

UPDATE - August 2013

August Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

UPDATE - July 2013

July Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report

New thematic report: Impact of the conflict on Syrian economy and livelihoods

UPDATE - June 2013

June Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) Report published (see below)

New thematic report: Legal Status of Individuals Fleeing Syria

This thematic report outlines the rights and obligations of individuals who have fled Syria by stipulating the legal framework applicable to those residing in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. The document intends to provide humanitarian responders with an overview of the legal framework; it is not an official legal document and should therefore not be used as such.

Download the report

SNAP Map published on BBC News, 9 june 2013

In addition to the Lebanon office, the SNAP has now open two other sub-offices in Turkey and Jordan to cover the Syria crisis.

To contact SNAP Turkey:

UPDATE - May 2013

The Syria Needs Analysis Project continues to provide monthly comprehensive reports on the humanitarian situation (download the latest Report - May 2013, Overview- English, Overview-Arabic, Part I and Part II).

Each Regional Analysis for Syria (RAS) brings together a wide variety of information, published and unpublished to produce an informed analysis of the situation within Syria considered at a governorate level (Part I) and of the situation faced by refugees in the five host countries (Part II)

In addition to the five RAS reports, SNAP developed scenarios (as of February) and an in-depth profile of Aleppo governorate; a report on the Legal Status of People Fleeing Syria will be published in June.

Support to the humanitarian community working in northern Syria has continued with SNAP facilitating the design and implementation of two further joint assessments: J-RANS 1.5 (a rapid assessment of the urban neighbourhoods of Aleppo city) and J-RANS 2 (an expansion of J-RANS 1 to cover 69% of the seven northern governorates of Syria).  SNAP led the analysis and report writing for both these assessments and presented the results on behalf of the Assessment Working Group to donors in Beirut; Brussels and Geneva. Despite the continuing conflict and resultant security constraints, it is estimated that the J-RANS process has covered areas in which more than 80% of the population lived before the crisis. J-RANS 2 also addressed impediments to access, considering the effect of six constraints on humanitarian activities in each sub-district assessed.

Results of a SNAP user survey in May indicated over 43% of respondents reported using the RAS to inform strategy; 17% to design needs assessments; 15% in project or programme design 30% for advocacy and 28% for proposal writing. There was also indication that the RAS is used in senior staff briefing packs.

UPDATE - April 2013

ACAPS is hiring a SNAP Analyst

ACAPS is hiring a SNAP Analyst for our Syria Needs Analysis Project (SNAP) to be based in Antakya, Turkey.

The application is closed.

UPDATE - March 2013

Map of the Dispute, published in the New York Times, 12 March 2013

UPDATE - February 2013

SNAP has now published a Scenario document to the RAS (Regional Analysis for Syria). To download the document please go here.

Here are the previous documents in the report:

The Crisis Overview – please download here

Part I Syria  - please download here

Part II regional – please download here

The document will be updated on a monthly basis. For suggestions, comments or additional information to be included in future versions, please send an e-mail to SNAP@ACAPS.org.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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