Latest Developments

16/04: Iran’s worst floods in 70 years have killed 78 people and injured 1,136 so far. Two million people are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance and 10 million are affected according to IFRC.  Close to half a million people have been displaced – some temporarily – with 220,000 staying in emergency shelters. Infrastructure has been severely impacted with over 14,000 kilometres of roads and more than 700 bridges damaged. ?

09/04: Flooding that began in March continues to affect the southwestern region of Iran. So far 70 people have been killed. Some 1,900 communities have been affected and over 86,000 people have been moved to emergency shelters. More than 12,000 km of roads have been damaged. Authorities have ordered a mass evacuation of 400,000 people in Khuzestan province as more heavy rains are expected. Sources claim the response has been hindered as the Iranian Red Crescent has been unable to receive foreign financial aid due to U.S. sanctions. ?

02/04: Heavy rains continued over the weekend causing new flooding in the western and southwestern region of Iran. The death toll now stands at 45 people. Last week flooding had already displaced over 60,000 people. Data on new displacement is not yet available but at least 25,000 homes are reported to be destroyed across the country as a result of the flooding since last week. Severe damage to infrastructure is hampering the humanitarian response. ?

26/03: Heavy rains, causing floods and landslides, have killed at least 31 people and injured over 100 in northern Iran. Infrastructure including roads, agricultural fields and houses have been severely damaged. Some 60,000 people are displaced, 10,800 of whom are currently residing in emergency shelters. ?

07/03: Heavy rainfall in the northern and north-western parts of Iran has led to flooding in 25 provinces causing severe damage to roads, houses and bridges. As of 7 March, at least seven people have been killed and 20 injured as a result of the floods. ?